Andrew C. Currie is an experienced entrepreneur and business leader passionate about helping endangered wildlife and the underserved people, especially children, who live with and near endangered wildlife. His work includes impact investing including for land conservation for wildlife habitat, pro-Nature election work, democracy reform, engaged philanthropy, business consulting for wildlife NGOs and policy advocacy. Andrew led a small impact investment team that helped create a 5,000 acre prairie wildlife preserve in Colorado and as impact investor helped add land threatened with development to James Peak Wilderness. He also uses media and storytelling with a TEDxBoulder talk on endangered species and human population growth and as creative director of the motion graphics piece

Andrew is senior adviser at the Impact Finance Center and is captain of the Environment track of the CO Impact Initiative. He is a member of Environmental Grantmakers Association ( and Founder and former Director of Environmental Entrepreneurs Rocky Mountains ( He is an investor in impact funds including Beartooth Capital that uses innovative approaches to preserve large ranches in the American West. Former Chair of Colorado Conservation Voters, Andrew serves on the Conservation Colorado board. In 2000 he co-founded and led Social Venture Partners Boulder County. Andrew has invested in eleven start-up companies, most of which he should not have, and one of which, AtLast Software (SketchUp), was acquired by Google.

In the last century Andrew was a successful founder and CEO of two software startups. He and his rock star co-founders and stellar team sold the second of these companies enabling Andrew to do all the things you read about above.  Andrew has a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Southern Mississippi. (Yes, that’s right, Mississippi! Andrew grew up in and attended public schools and state universities in Mississippi. )